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Elie Metni

Elie Metni, Architect and Designer, graduated in Architecture from ALBA university where he is also a part time instructor.

In 2012, he joined Herzog and de Meuron, a renowned architecture firm in Switzerland, where he participated in the design process of various projects.

He was selected by the Starch Foundation in 2015 to design the Starch Boutique and his project was granted the iF Design Award 2017.

He participated in several exhibitions in Beirut, Paris, London, Venice and Milano where he showcased some of his products.

In 2016 he founded his studio E L I E M E T N I in Beirut, covering Architecture, Interior and Product design.

Among his latest projects are the Dent De Lait an Eco Children’s Center in Beirut, the interiors of private residences and other public projects.

Elie shares a particular interest for product design. He constantly explores the projects’ conceptualization by experimenting with materials and ergonomics. He believes that a project does not end at the completion of its construction but continues as the user starts interacting with the product.

Elie Mouchaham

Elie Mouchaham, current owner of Mouchaham Furniture, has sworn to honor his family’s legacy. Founded in the 1950s by both, his grandfather Antoun and father Costi, the company has passed through two generations.

Believing in the power of diverse services, the company produces all sorts of furniture pieces, kitchens and decor.

The company under Elie’s management continues today thanks to his ability to embrace new trends he sees online, in exhibitions and customized styles his customers request.


The story of a nation where communities cohabit despite their disparities but also sometimes get away from each others wether in groups or individually.

This project represents a set of 4 pieces that can be used individually, grouped or combined all together.
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